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Due to business expansion needs, the company urgently recruits the following personnel:

Peptide Purification Technician

Salary: 6K-12000 Minimum education: associate degree Working experience: with or without experience

Job requirements:

1. Majors related to chemistry, biology, pharmacy, etc

2. Experience in peptide purification is preferred, and other related separation and purification work experience or outstanding fresh students may also be considered.

3. Understand and master relevant purification techniques (such as preparing HPLC).

4. Has a sense of responsibility, can endure hardships and work hard, and has a team spirit.

Synthetic Technician

Salary: 6K-12000 Minimum education: College, usually undergraduate Years of work: With or without experience

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above in chemistry, biology, pharmacy or related fields;

2. Experience in solid phase peptide synthesis is preferred;

3. Capable of enduring hardship, strong sense of responsibility, and strong execution ability;

4. Have good teamwork spirit and communication skills.

Analysis and development:

Salary: 6K-12000 Minimum education: Bachelor's degree

1. Development and validation of new drug analysis methods;

2. Process research and central control testing;

3. Stability study;

4. Maintenance of analytical instruments;

5. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors

6. Record the experimental process and data truthfully, completely, accurately, and in a timely manner.

Job requirements:

1. Pharmaceutical or chemical related majors;

2. Be familiar with the use and maintenance of analytical instruments such as high performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph and Analytical balance.

3. Experience in the development and validation of liquid and gas phase methods is preferred.



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