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Does the antibacterial peptide liquid have therapeutic effect on uremia?

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ANTIMICROBIAL PEPTIDE (ANTIMICROBIAL PEPTIDE) is a class of alkaline polypeptide substances widely existing in nature with antibacterial activity. Most of these polypeptide substances are strongly alkaline, excellent thermal stability, and can be antibacterial in a broad spectrum. Antimicrobial peptides mainly destroy the cell membrane by aggregating on the cell membrane to reach a certain concentration. Most of the antimicrobial peptides are cations, and the electrostatic action after binding with the anionic bacterial membrane will promote the destruction of the cell membrane, which is also the most common mechanism of action of antimicrobial peptides, which makes it not produce resistance like antibiotics. Many friends will have doubts about whether the antimicrobial peptide solution has therapeutic effect on uremia.

LL-37 is a polypeptide in the cathelicidin category, which is the main antimicrobial peptide produced in the human body and is an important component of the human natural defense system. LL-37 also neutralizes endotoxins.

LL-37 can chemotactic immune cells, regulate the secretion of inflammatory promoting factors or inhibiting factors, and coordinate the functions of innate and acquired immunity, so as to carry out immune regulation.

LL-37 can act on vascular endothelial and epithelial cells by stimulating blood vessel production and promoting damage repair.


LL-37 Structure diagram)

Antimicrobial peptides have shown good applicability in all aspects, and they can be combined with various drugs through a variety of mechanism properties, which can greatly reduce the risk of drug resistance. At present, the global antimicrobial peptides market has a good prospect, and the growth momentum is also quite strong. Therefore, it can be seen that the antimicrobial peptide liquid has a therapeutic effect on uremia.

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